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Martin Parr/Discovering How Britain Eats


Martin Parr / discovering how britain eats

Martin Parr, one of the world’s most respected photographers undertook a documentary survey of how Britain eats today, on behalf of Birds Eye.

Helen worked with Martin and the fantastic team from DMB Represents to find people across the country bringing to life the way we eat. 

All images courtesy of Martin Parr/DMB Represents. 


  • Defining scope of project
  • Finding and recruiting people to take part
  • Setting up and implementing shoot days
Tessa,  “It tastes really nice, and the people that serve are really nice. He gives me free food, his dad owns the place."
Kamil, "It's cheap and tasty. I don't know if it's healthy, I don't think about that."
Aailyah,  “It’s cheap and my mates come here. I’d still come here if the food tasted bad as long as my mates came here.”