Strategy and communications specialist for good


b. 1986, HK.


Communications Specialist For Good

For over two decades, Helen has developed strategies and communications that address the social challenges of our time.

Working with some of the most important brands in the world, Helen’s skills have stretched from mining insights and strategy to developing PR campaigns, creating entirely new platforms to master-minding show-stopping events.

At the heart of all of her work is a fundamental passion that people and communities should be driving our social change. Her strategies and communications will have the real truth of a community at its heart. She will never simply tell an audience about an issue, she will make sure they own it themselves - and tell their friends, neighbours, politicians and children about how we must change the world. 

Her approach is underlined by the power of storytelling to drive lasting change.

She has worked at a global and local level, producing initiatives around a huge range of issues including human rights, global health and animal welfare. She has partnered with organisations and brands including Amnesty International, Tesco, Wikipedia, London 2012 Olympics and Comic Relief.

Contact :

+44 7889 332476